integration spotlight - SAP and Box powered by docuflow

Box has changed the ECM game.  Secure, powerful, modern cloud based content management.  Finally an option to unshackle yourself from on-prem repositories with high maintenance costs and complex administration requirements.  Whether you already have SAP integrated to a content repository and are looking to replace or enhance your business process document management functionality, or have a vision of content enabling your work streams resulting in automation and efficiency, DocuFlow is up for the task:

  • Choose from a suite of functionality that delivers seamless document storage, linking, process enablement, and metadata transfer between SAP and your Box repository
  • Standard functionality with easy user based configuration for fast implementation timelines and low cost

  • Build powerful custom solutions using both ArchiveLink and DocuFlow ABAP API’s (BAPI’s)

  • View linked content from SAP within using Box native web browsing experience

  • Share SAP content (Adobe Forms, SmartForms, SAPScript, etc.) with external business partner without using attachments

  • Migration Assistant to transfer existing content (both SAP and non-SAP linked) to Box

  • Seamless transition to Box for SAP end users

  • Integration with SAP ECC and CRM

  • DocuFlow Direct Box API connection as well as SAP standard ArchiveLink integration available

  • Works in parallel to existing content repositories for a hybrid ECM model

  • Flexible and cost effective licensing options

Potential Use cases

  • Accounts Payable

  • HR On-Boarding

  • Supply Chain and Contract Management

  • Financial Audit

  • Vendor Management

  • External Business Partner Communication

  • Field Workers in Plant Maintenance and Quality Management

  • Customer collaboration with CRM

  • Sales Enablement and Contract Execution