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Job# 2015111


Part time contract, full time contract, full time.



Responsible for the design of new software products and existing product enhancements.  Will work on the design of new architectures and, together with other Developers implement new products and ensure high-quality development practices.  Specific duties include:

As part of a Development Team, design and develop new features, mostly back-end.

  • Analyze, design, program, debug, troubleshoot and modify software enhancements and new products.
  • Liaise with the Technical Leads and Architects.
  • Participate in the design, analysis and implementation of technical solutions.
  • Identify functional issues with the existing architecture and code and resolve these as necessary
  • Estimate required timeframe requirements for accomplishing development tasks in projects.




  • 5+ years of experience
  • Expert Java knowledge (Java 6 / 7 / 8 Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition, emphasis on Standard Edition)
  • Knowledge of Java Swing for UI
  • Log4j logging knowledge
  • Experience with CVS
  • Knowledge of ANT
  • Experience with WebSphere / Tomcat / JBOSS
  • Content Management System experience a big plus


  1. Oath 2.0 experience
  2. SSO knowledge
  3. Web logic Experience
  4. Advanced Installer experience
  5. Filenet P8 Java API experience
  6. Documentum DFC (Documentum Foundation Classes) experience
  7. Box Java API experience
  8. SAP JCO experience
  9. Knowledge of Web Services
  10. iOS and Android App development


Contact: to apply.