what we do

For over 10 years e-Wave Solutions has provided reliable, proven, and cost effective document imaging solutions that integrate with SAP® Enterprise Content Management systems, such as SharePoint, Box, IBM Filenet, and EMC Documentum. Our core product DocuFlow™ seamlessly integrates and fully automates business process flows between SAP® and your content repository.

Our solution

DocuFlow™ is a suite of powerful content-enabling functionality, seamlessly integrating and automating your business process flows between SAP® and your content repository. Full SAP® integrated document management, linking, meta-data exchange, and workflow is the core of DocuFlow™, providing a trusted foundation and reliable toolset for your SAP® content management System needs.

With automated ArchiveLink based linking patterns, SAP® DMS integration, Accounts Payable processing, as well as Audit & Compliance functionality tailored to suit your needs, DocuFlow™ will get you up and running with your content enabled business processes in a short timeline.

Custom requirements that do not fit one of our business or technical add-ons?  With DocuFlow+ SAP Content API, your in-house SAP development team now has a powerful library of SAP facing CMS API's.  The options are endless.